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We are one of the leading SEO company in New Delhi India, that provide best search engine optimization services to achieve top ranking in major search engines. Our business is to get websites highly ranked on internet search engines, by combining search engine technology, editorial expertise, keyword research knowledge, link popularity, site submission experience, and internet marketing.

We have a unique process for SEO, which has produced great results for our clients. This process has been developed after more than 6+ years of continuous testing and analysis across various search engine. The process is customized to meet the demand of each client but the over lying strategy remains the same.

Keyword Research

We have a unique process for SEO, which has produced great results for our clients. This process has been developed after more than 8+ years of continuous testing and analysis across various search engine. The process is customized to meet the demand of each client but the over lying strategy remains the same.

Competition Analysis

Highly important for those businesses which are beginning to explore the opportunities of online marketing. We use specialized tools to analyze competition website, keyword, traffic, demographic, etc. This helps us in understanding the clients business and the scope available in that specific industry. Using this data several other marketing avenues can be explored, however in the SEO process it helps to capture more keywords which may be relevant to the business of our clients.

Keyword Targeting

After a large list of keywords have been analyzed, they are scrutinized to match certain criteria before we begin our SEO work. The main factors which we consider are,Keyword Search Numbers and SEO Competition which helps in shortlisting those keywords which can be targeted in short term, as well as in long term. This process is detailed as it involves lots of research in order to avoid any mishap at a later stage. Careful planning and cross checking is done to make sure that maximum result is derived by clients.

Introductory Stage

In this stage we carry our certain routine work before we begin the project. These steps help our client in the long term. Some of task carried out in this stage involves site-map creation, avoiding problems relating to duplicate content, submission of website to small search engines (except Google, Yahoo & Bing), etc.

On-Page Optimization

As mentioned earlier, based on 6+ years of research we have refined this process. After careful analysis and studies we understand what changes are to be made on our clients website in order to have higher ranking. Of course, on-page optimization is not enough, it only helps Search Engine understand what is the page about and thus helping in higher ranking to a certain extent. We work with the clients on the On-page optimization in order to make sure that the site usability or user-friendliness is not affected in any manner.

Off-Page Optimization

This is one of the key areas in regards to search engine optimization and there are various factors that needs to be considered such as - anchor text rotation, steady link building approach, dofollow links, type of link, PR of link, etc. For users not familiar with SEO this may sound Greek and Latin and that is essentially our role, to simplify this process by working on it and providing continuous results. We have developed proprietary tools to handle this task which ensures genuine results for our clients. We constantly interact within the SEO industry and stay up-to-date in regards to various process and technique, which ultimately helps us in providing the best result for our clients.

Monitoring & Improvement

We monitor your result on monthly basis and provide our clients with reports which measures the rank improvement, increase in traffic, etc. We work with our client to understand the course of action, if any change is required. We our-self monitor the results to ensure we are on the right track and make appropriate changes so that clients do not need to worry about their SEO. We strongly believe in continuous learning and improvement and provide valuable and noteworthy information which can be used by our clients as well as others.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% Accurate and control over quality
  • Test our work quality in Free Sample job
  • Well experienced resources
  • 100% Error free job
  • Promt response 24x7 hrs help desk
  • Cost reduction services

Pricing Module

We provide low cost E-commerce services and solutions to our existing and new customers. We can charge you after completing the job and work satistification at your end.

Privacy & Confidential Customer Details

We take private & secure our customers details like Name, Websites, Login details, FTP server etc. We never distribute our customers information to anyone.

Refund Policy

If in case you are not 100% satisfied with our services we will refund your whole money.

24x7 Customer Support

We provide 24x7 customer support services because you may ask us anytime your queries or suggest us your suggestions. Our sales person will contact to you within 6-12 hours.

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Our Mission
Understanding the clients need to create unique solutions which can help their business grow on the online front and to make sure that our clients are aware of the latest development in their fields, to ensure that necessary steps are taken to deliver the best results.

Our Strength
Itwebindia offers a team of hard-working and dedicated professionals proficient in advanced software technologies. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure guarantees hassle-free operations and 24x7 supports to our global clients. Best quality services, creative designs, innovative ideas, cost-effective prices & time bound project completion are our special features.
Quality Control
Itwebindia staffs are empowered to provide our clients with the highest level of quality and service. Our staffs are at the forefront of our business; each employee contributes to our success and understands that "Our Customers are why we exist".


" I appreciate the team spirit of ItWebIndia, for assisting me to solve my each and every problem. You have always assisted me with meaningful and attractive way. However some times your technical experts rang me up to provided help to solve the issue. "

Patrick Reel (Managing Director - USA)
" Thank You very much. I am very impressed with your service. I will be sure to recommend your services to clients and colleagues. "

Sally T. (Marketing Manager - AUS)

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